Sewing Room renovations


After everything is put away and labeled in the hackerspace, I think the next big makerspace improvement project should be the Sewing Room.

There’s lots that can be done to improve the room and make it more useful to members.

Some suggestions:

  • Tear out the carpet to replace it with donated laminate flooring (no more pins and threads caught in the carpet!)
  • Tear out the closet since it isn’t very functional
  • Add shelving
  • Make the cutting table a convertible table that folds up or something so it takes up less space when not in use (and so people don’t leave things on it)
  • Add a sewing table/desk for a domestic machine/serger/embroidery machine
  • Install a corkboard and peg board for samples, instructions, notions, rulers, french curves, etc
  • Make a nicer cover for the dressmaker’s dummy

There’s a pinterested board started with some inspiration:

I think the first step is to come up with a plan for how to make the best use of the available space.
Ideally it should be comfortable to have 3 students and an instructor in there for the Industrial Sewing Machine 101 training session

Renovations/space organization
Craft shelving organization
Agenda - April 19, 2016

Hi Allison, I just logged on here. If we are both in on Sunday (I’ll be working on bat house kits as well) then would it be an idea to schedule a meeting or time to collect suggestions?


Thanks @Dianna

Rachel, who teaches the Industrial Sewing Machine 101 course, has made the very good suggestion that we should incorporate some cubbies for members to keep personal bins with their notions and partially completed projects (similar to the bins in the wood shop).

I’m happy to chat on Sunday.

When we have a plan of attack, I think it would be a great idea to schedule a work party so any other members who are interested in helping out can take part and offer their input.


@Dianna and I met this weekend and she put together this summary of the plan for the sewing room:

Renovations to do

  • Floor: pull out carpet,
  • Closet: Remove closet storage unit

Things to move

  • Remove file cabinet (move to craft organizing area?)
  • Remove oven (move to storage unit)
  • Remove microwave (replace with smaller one, Allison to donate)
  • Move pop machine to where oven currently is in kitchen
  • Move craft cabinet to entryway

Things to build and install

  • Move industrial machine to corner (where closet unit was) and
  • make a desk that extends that work space to the wall with the door. This can be used as a space for domestic machines, serger etc.
  • Replace floor with laminate flooring (Allison has some to donate)
  • Install shelving at level above door around room (like in hackerspace above door) and purchase storage for shelving
  • Pegboard – for wall on right side of cutting table

Things to purchase

  • gravity fed iron

@Adria is meeting with the landlord to get approval to replace the carpet with click lamninate flooring and remove the closet.

Once we get the go ahead from the landlord, I think we should pick a day to hold a little demolition work party.


Hi, I think I wasn’t totally clear on this list. Seems to be that most users of the sewing room would like the craft storage separated from the sewing items. So, the craft items could go where the pop machine currently is if that space was opened up. Seems the large laser printer is also maybe not very practical. so, some decisions are needed about the ‘utility’ room. Feel free to input or switch that list up if you feel it should have more or be more clear…


I think one of the biggest challenges in the Sewing Room is the cutting table.
We need a nice big surface on which to cut fabric, but it takes up so much of the room and is often used as a dumping ground.

Some options might include making a fold down table like this:

Free plans:

or this

Or some sort of cabinet like this for the domestic machines


I could probably make that table if everyone thinks it is a good idea. Does anyone know if the table that is in the room now was assembled in there? Does it fit out the door?


The table top comes off (it’s not even screwed down) and then it fits through the door.


Hi everyone. If the plan is to tear out the closet and flooring this weekend, it might be an idea to move the furniture and industrial machine out and start on Friday. I am pretty sure the plan is to install shelving (like in the library) on the wall where the printer was, and that could also be done on Friday.


Update: renovations are starting this weekend! Due to other workshops happening in the main space and sewing room, these renos are getting push to the top of the priority list. So let’s get it happening!
If any members/volunteers would like to lend a helping hand, the work will happen this Saturday and Sunday from 1pm-4pm. We will have tunes blasting, snacks for munching and lots of hands on work.
We will start by tearing up the carpet and tearing down the closet. Then we will tackle the organization aspect of shelving and storage.
Please feel free to provide input on this forum or stop by the space!


Hi everyone, hopefully we can get the flooring, closet and more done this weekend. After that, maybe it is an idea to revisit the drop down table and building something for the domestic machines along the ‘window’ wall. Was it Allison who had flooring to donate? Would that still be a go?


I can drop off the flooring tonight or tomorrow.


What an incredible weekend! The Sewing Room is looking great!

Still to do:

  • Caulk cracks and do paint touch ups (especially on the door and window trim)
  • Buy, paint and install peg board
  • Build desk for using domestic machines/serger/future embroidery machine
  • Install shelving and storage
  • Set up bins for members’ notions and partially complete projects
  • Add cork board or paper roll or other solution to unused doorway
  • Add calendar/notice holder to door (either cut acrylic or use page protector)
  • Buy and install gravity fed iron
  • Come up with cutting table solution (potentially a future project)

Did I forget anything?


Some pretty peg board inspiration:


Nice door!

Maybe buy a metal shelving unit (the type that sit on the floor to hold heavy weight) to store sewing machines?

The floorboards need caulk and touch up paint as well.


That door is amazing!


Hi, what does everyone think about a work bench like this:


Would that be the desk for the domestic machines? You’d need to lower it so people could work at it sitting down and make sure the apron wouldn’t be hitting our knees.


For a bench for sewing work, you might want consider just putting some folding table legs on a hollow core door or piece of painted mdf. It’s cheap and the correct height for sitting. You can also just fold it up if it gets in the way.


Do you think we could just steal the legs off of one of the folding tables already at YuKonstruct?
While we need folding tables for events, the ones we have are very heavy and difficult to move/put away.